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The era is the cloud

With the rapid development of the Internet,

Various everyday activities are beginning to move to the cloud.

Cloud-based service systems are more convenient than traditional local servers,

easy to maintain, and secure while allowing for expansion and integration.

What is DoCloud?

"DoCloud" is an innovative Internet service that allows hospitals and clinics

to build medical collaborations efficiently and securely.

Using advanced security technology, we smoothly build partnerships with medical institutions and physicians to achieve rich medical collaborations,

with the safety of patient information and medical data as our top priority.

In addition, DoCloud significantly reduces the amount of cumbersome administrative work and supports an environment that allows doctors to focus on diagnosis and treatment.  The most advanced network technology and cloud computing DoCloud enables rapid and stable information transfer and supports medical professionals to provide higher quality services, DoCloud helps healthcare professionals to provide higher-quality services.

DoCloud keeps evolving every day to become

the new standard for information exchange in the healthcare industry.

Drastic improvement of traditional workflow


Medical Collaboration Platform


Regional Medical Cooperation Support

Medical institutions can easily and quickly establish a collaborative network with each other.

Collaborative Research Support

Ideal for facilitating multi-center clinical trials or collaborative research, this solution adeptly manages vast volumes of data across numerous medical institutions.

Your own IT Department 

Even a single-physician medical corporation can experience the efficiency of having a fully equipped IT department.

Fully compatible
with WFH

Enjoy the convenience of accessing DoCloud from your home or hospital, whenever and wherever you need it.

DoCloud Features

Medical Cooperation Module

■No need to switch tools, all work is completed in DoCloud

■Say goodbye to faxes, CDs

■Supports multiple file formats, folders upload and large file uploads, etc. Even MRI images over 8 GB can be easily handled

■Online preview of DICOM images available. No need to download

Medical Chat Module

■Ensure security of patient information by eliminating the need to use personal chat software such as LINE

■One-click chat to share cases, suitable for academic discussions

Multicenter Research Modules

■Uploads to each hospital's own database, making it unnecessary to keep data with a certain hospital

■Free from the troublesome task of uploading the same data over and over again

Recommended for


Major Hospitals

 that have established a regional medical cooperation system


Small hospitals and clinics

that require data transfer for daily operations


Medical practitioner

who would like to perform remote reading in person

How to Join DoCloud

Image by Matt Wang

Contact Us

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us for more detailed information or a free estimate. You can also request brochures to confirm the contents of our services.

Free Demo

We will provide detailed explanations and implementation cases of the service you are considering while showing you the actual screens and functions of the service.


Please make sure you have the necessary computer and internet access. If you already have a computer, please use it.

Setup Instruction

Our sales team will create an account for your hospital. We will set up the services to be used and account authorization.

Start of Use & Support

If you have any questions, please contact our support team for further assistance.


What is "cloud-based"?

This refers to a service format in which all patient and medical information is stored in a secure data center without storing any information on the hospital's computers.

How long does it take to implement?

If there are no special customization requirements, the system can be ready for use within 2 to 3 days of signing the contract. If data migration is requested, a preparation period will be required depending on the type and amount of data to be migrated.

Is there any risk of patient information leakage?

There is no risk of information leakage because we adhere to the Medical Information System Security Management Guideline and data is stored in a state that is inaccessible from the exterior.


Corporate Philosophy

"For radiologists, for society."

Founded in 2020, IWG is based in Tokyo, Japan.

While based in Japan, IWG serves the world.


Our goal is to solve the shortage of healthcare resources with next-generation cloud solutions.

Rather than replacing physicians, IWG continues to aim to improve

the efficiency of the entire existing medical workflow

by providing an efficient reading request system,

convenient operational support tools, and high-quality after-sales service


Request for brochure and demo

For inquiries about DoCloud, please contact

Thank you for your inquiry!

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